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Using Video to Promote Your Meetings and Conferences

We all know that video rules. Check out these amazing video statistics from 2021.  I recently attended Non Dues a Palooza (NDaP) in Nashville, TN. NDaP is devoted to helping […]

How Your Digital Marketing Should Change in 2020
Posted on January 2, 2020
Your website, social media pages, videos, email newsletters, email campaigns – they’re all elements of your digital marketing toolbox. It’s the start of a new year. How should your digital […]
Getting Started with Facebook Live
Posted on June 29, 2016
A couple of Saturdays ago, my friend, co-worker and Director of Biz Dev, Bryan Clark, was taking his first-degree TaeKwonDo black belt test. I was attending as a black belt […]
I Did It! I Cancelled My Cable Subscription!
Posted on August 14, 2014
I did it! A couple of weeks ago, I cancelled my subscription to cable TV through Comcast. Why? Gosh, so many reasons but primarily because it was costing me $120 […]
The Matrix Minute is Born!
Posted on June 8, 2011
Even though Matrix Group has had a YouTube account for years now, we weren’t doing much with it. Well this past week, we finally, fully integrated this platform into our […]
The Future of Advertising
Posted on February 25, 2010
It’s got to be tough being in the advertising business these days. DVRs (digital video recorders) are allowing viewers to skip commercials, premium channels offer fewer advertising opportunities, circulation numbers […]
Forget Blu-Ray Discs? Movies on Demand is Here
Posted on December 18, 2009
The Washington DC area is expecting a huge snowstorm this weekend but I’m not worried.  I have a fridge full of food and an endless supply of movies through my […]