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A Good Site Search Requires an Investment of Time and Money

I hear this a lot from prospects: Our website search sucks! It seems many organizations are in pain with search. Here’s the thing: a good site search requires an investment of […]

It’s Not About Search, It’s About Wayfinding
Posted on September 18, 2013
Over the past year, I’ve had many, many clients call and meet with Matrix Group about site search issues. Clients complain that their search isn’t pulling up enough results, or […]
Carnegie Middle East Center Bilingual Web site
Posted on December 4, 2009
Matrix Group recently worked with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to launch a bilingual Web site for the organization’s Middle East Center.  To communicate with its multilingual audience, Carnegie needed […]
Have You Googled Your Name Lately?
Posted on December 17, 2008
One of the goals of the last redesign of the Matrix Group Web site was to make my bio more prominent in search engines. I had previously resisted putting any […]
Google Searches Amazon Better Than Amazon
Posted on July 31, 2008
Amazon.com is really lucky that Google.com indexes its content and then adds the fabulous Google search algorithms to searches.  In order to find something on Amazon.com, I had to find […]
You Call That a Site Search?
Posted on June 13, 2008
A friend works for Levi Strauss, so I always ask for her opinion when buying jeans. I was looking for skinny jeans; she recommended a pair of 503 jeans. So […]