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It’s Really Time to Use Strong, Unique Passwords (Really!)

I attended the Matrix Group Security and Compliance Committee meeting this month and I asked them what we’re doing this month to make our clients and Matrix Group more secure. […]

Even Your Kids Need a Password Manager
Posted on March 28, 2019
I’ve blogged in the past about password managers and why I think everyone needs one. Yes, everyone. Even your children. Not convinced? I asked my 8 year old about his […]
GDPR: Do You Really Want to be Forgotten?
Posted on July 17, 2018
Guest post by Tanya Kennedy Luminati, MatrixMaxx Product Manager We’re almost two months past the GDPR deadline, and we’re all still alive! (Well, mostly.) Just because the deadline has come and passed […]
What Do I Need to Do to Become GDPR Compliant?
Posted on April 10, 2018
Guest post by Tanya Kennedy Luminati, MatrixMaxx Product Manager What are the next steps once you know what GDPR is? Officially start your security/compliance/privacy efforts This is your first step: […]
Time To Get Serious About Your Passwords
Posted on May 9, 2013
A couple of weeks ago, the daily deal website LivingSocial reported a cyberattack that breached the accounts of some 50 million subscribers. The information breached included names, email addresses, date […]