Even Your Kids Need a Password Manager

by Joanna Pineda Posted on March 28, 2019

boy on tablet

I’ve blogged in the past about password managers and why I think everyone needs one. Yes, everyone. Even your children.

Not convinced? I asked my 8 year old about his various online accounts. Turns out he’s got about a dozen accounts already, between Spanish, Math, school blog, Minecraft, Fornite, etc. How does he remember them? He doesn’t. His teacher manages the students’ passwords and he asks me for his password when he has to log in to Fortnite.

My 14-year old has even more passwords and he was making the mistake many adults make: in order to reduce complexity, he was reusing passwords. OMG!

So what did we do? About a year ago, we set up a LastPass family account. My husband, two boys and I each have our own logins. LastPass is on our computers and phones (no, the 8-year-old doesn’t have a phone, but he does have a computer). We have taught the boys to not reuse passwords, to always let us know when they are creating new accounts, and to have LastPass generate strong passwords or to get help from me or my husband.

Even your kids can become victims of identity crimes. Keep them safe. Set them up with a password manager, show them how to use it, and insist that all of their passwords be in it.

Do you have a family password manager in place already? What service are you using? 

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