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We do more than develop digital products. We create amazing customer journeys.

Companies hire Matrix Group to help them solve four problems:

Increase customers and generate revenue

Stay relevant through compelling web, mobile, and social offerings

Reach new audiences with clear messaging and outreach

Increase staff and customer productivity through user-friendly and integrated systems

What We Build


Mobile Apps

Custom Workflow Application and Integrations

Membership Database

Virtual or Hybrid Meeting

High Security, High Availability Hosting

“Matrix Group has been a great partner for our redesign project and really helped ISPOR to navigate the many decision points required in a complete redesign of this type.” 

Sue Capon, Chief Operations Officer, ISPOR

“Matrix Groups’s team took the time to listen to us and understand exactly what we needed and why our data is important. They were enthusiastic and patient, and above all, thorough in developing an understanding of every step.” 

Erin Hasinger, Web Communications Manager, Materials Research Society

“Matrix was very helpful in helping us identify who our audience is—and what they are looking for on our site. They worked with us to develop more accurate process flows, better integration with our CRM tools, and better overall web useability.”

Meri Beth Wojtaszek, Deputy Executive Director, Solid Waste Association of North America

“Not only did we know we were working with a group of people we trust implicitly, we knew that the focus and dedication of Matrix Group’s staff was going to help us achieve success.” 

Jonathan Cooper, Communications Manager, National Association of Episcopal Schools

“Of the many firms we work with, there is no vendor we work with that I respect more than Matrix Group.”

Wayne Greenleaf, Former Operations Manager, SCUFCW
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