Have You Googled Your Name Lately?

by Joanna Pineda Posted on December 17, 2008

Search the Web One of the goals of the last redesign of the Matrix Group Web site was to make my bio more prominent in search engines. I had previously resisted putting any information about me on the Web site for a variety of reasons, but my new biz team reasoned that since I do a lot of speaking and writing, people will Google my name; when that happens, we want the Matrix Group Web site to pop-up on the first page, if not first on the list of results.

I typed “joanna pineda” into Google tonight and this is what I found:

So far, so good, but wait, here’s some bad stuff that I found:

So what’s the lesson here?  I’m not actually sure because so much of our lives are public these days.  Heck, many of us do a lot of the broadcasting deliberately through blogs and social network sites.  But I do know that it’s important to review what the Web is saying about you on a regular basis because you never know who is going to google your name.

BTW, check out some new additions to my blog, including:

Yeah, I know, I blog, I tweet, I’m on Facebook and I’m complaining about what you can find out about me on Google.  Silly me.

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If you have profile pages about yourself that you control (your own blogs or social media) and that you *do* want to rank highly for, link to them with the rel=”me” attribute. Doing so gives the search engines one more clue that the page is about you.

Something is going to show up for your name. You might as well do all you can to help your own pages appear there.

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