Author: Dave Hoernig

Transforming Data Cleanup into a Strategic Opportunity

When it comes to search engine optimization there’s one very important thing to always keep in mind: Google doesn’t like cute, Google likes clarity.  When writing any online content, whether […]

What is a Canonical URL and Why Should I Care?
Posted on August 8, 2017
A canonical URL or "canonical link" is an HTML element that helps search engines avoid the appearance of duplicate content. It does this by identifying a preferred version of a web page. Using canonical URLs improves your site's SEO and makes searching the site easier for your visitors. The canonical link appears in the head section [...]
Farewell Google Site Search, Hello Google Custom Search Engine
Posted on May 24, 2017
Google wouldn’t be Google if it wasn’t shaking things up with its products and offerings. The latest shake up? Sunsetting the Google Site Search. As you may have heard, over the course of the next year, Google Site Search will be discontinued, leaving in place Google’s Custom Search Engine [...]