Food Marketing Institute Website Redesign

by Joanna Pineda Posted on October 19, 2017

FMI is a trade association that proudly advocates on behalf of the food retail industry. FMI offers resources and provides valuable benefits to more than 1,225 food retail and wholesale member companies in the United States and around the world. FMI membership covers the spectrum of diverse venues where food is sold, including single owner grocery stores, large multi-store supermarket chains and mixed retail stores. The FMI website is an important means by which the association communicates with members, raises awareness, and provides value to members through myriad resources including events and research.

The FMI website was last redesigned in 2012. Since then, the organization has rebranded, expanded membership, and revamped its key products and services. As a result, FMI decided to redesign its website. To do this, FMI turned to longtime web and digital partner, Matrix Group.

The Matrix Group Solution:

As we do with most projects, we started with WHY? Why redesign? To what end? To accomplish what? To answer these questions, we conducted a deep dive into their analytics and interviewed members. Here’s what we learned:

The new FMI web strategy revolves around two things: Content Curation and a Great Search. Here’s what we did:

Visit the new


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