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Any AMS can give you membership, meeting and store modules, but MatrixMaxx takes it one step further, providing you with the insight you need to make smarter decisions.

18.1 is live!

This release introduces the first version of the Individual Data Importer and other exciting features.

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MatrixMaxx News

Announcing MatrixMaxx 18.1, the Newest Release

Mar 30, 2018
Matrix Group, a leading digital agency in the Washington DC metro area, announces the release of MatrixMaxx 18.1, the latest version of its association management system (AMS).
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MatrixMaxx AMS Announces Integration with the Higher Logic Community Platform

Mar 19, 2018
MatrixMaxx, Matrix Group’s association management system that provides nonprofits and associations with a comprehensive suite of modules to help manage membership, meetings, e-commerce activities, mailing lists and more, announces a new integration with the Higher Logic community platform.
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MatrixMaxx 17.4 is Now Live

Dec 20, 2017
The 17.4 release features a Meeting Attendance Upgrade, allowing users to quickly and easily distinguish between actual attendees vs. “no shows” at their meetings and events and compile reports on this data with even less effort.
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Google Analytics with Your MatrixMaxx Membership Database

84 views • 8 months ago

With Google Analytics, you know a lot about your website traffic, like what’s driving traffic and what people are doing on your site. But the basic reports give you very little insight about WHO is visiting. The MatrixMaxx association management system (AMS) provides an answer to the 'who?' question by integrating our CRM component with Analytics. By setting special data-rich cookies upon user login, the membership database is able to provide Google with critical demographic data about who is visiting your website in aggregate.

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How to Implement an Association Management…

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What is ReviewMyAMS?

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Introducing MatrixMaxx 13.4 and User Interface Redesign

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