Your Organization’s Voice Should Be Different Across Platforms

by Joanna Pineda Posted on August 5, 2011

If you’ve attended any of my webinars or follow this blog, you know that I advocate strongly against posting the same updates and information across different communications channels. I think it’s a waste when organizations simply post their press release headlines to their Facebook or Twitter pages. But Joanna, you say, “what if I want to educate my members and the public about one, burning issue or I want to promote a new event or publication? What if I WANT to talk about one thing across, print, online and social media for a while?”

My answer is this: post about that one topic but change the perspective, voice and interactions depending on the platform.

Say your organization is pushing for a piece of legislation on Capitol Hill. You could issue a policy statement and repeat that statement across all platforms. A more effective strategy would be to:

If you are promoting a new publication or report, you could:

Finally, if you are marketing a convention or event, you could:

Our jobs as marketers are so much harder because we are marketing to multiple generations, there is no one platform that allows us to reach all audiences, and people are motivated by different things. Having a layered messaging strategy that utilizes the capabilities of each platform and features different perspectives and voices will help you reach and connect with your audiences better.

How about you? How are you marketing your products and services? And how does your message or approach change with each platform? What’s working?

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