The Prank of the Year or Why Green is the New Purple

by Joanna Pineda Posted on July 28, 2011

It’s kind of a tradition at Matrix Group that when you go on vacation, especially if you’re gone for an extended period of time, you get pranked. When Dan went to Cancun for a week, he came back to find his area converted into a resort, complete with beach umbrella and inflatable pool filled with jello. When Maggie went on vacation, she came back to find 400 balloons in her area; it took a couple of hours to pop the balloons so she could reclaim her space.

So when Maki and I went to the beach last week, what did the staff do? They pranked me and prank me good they did!

I came back to find that my blog had been completely redesigned and rewritten. I became Jar Jar Binks, my signature purple was now green, and I had apparently been blogging about our new dress code and drinking on the job (if you know me, you know that I’m not much of a drinker). The net admins went to great pains to make sure that my new, green blog wasn’t available from outside the office.

I was in shock initially. Then I panicked that the blog had actually been replaced. Then I started laughing hysterically when I realized I had been pranked and pranked hard.

Check out the alternate version of The Matrix Files. (If the image comes in small, click it to make it full screen in your browser. Trust me, this will be worth it.)

Kudos to Liz, who masterminded the whole prank, and the whole gang of people who designed, wrote, posted, and hosted.

If you’re at familiar with some of the internal jokes at the office (purple is our signature color, we don’t allow shorts, yada, yada), you’ll get a chuckle at the posts. The writing is so good that I think I’ll recruit some new guest writers for this blog.

If you’re shocked at the amount of time that goes into our pranking or that I even allow pranking, let me just say that pranking is great for office morale and productivity. The prank prep is done during personal time and it’s just plain fun.

How about you? Have you pranked anyone lately? Share stories!

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We had so much fun with this one, Joanna! After we triple-checked that the new blog was only visible to the office, everyone had fun writing posts. This was truly a team effort with Jason (Director of Engineering) and Harout (Network Administrator) getting the site set up, and Eric Fair (Director of Client Services), Aimee (FED), Dianne (Bug Zapper), Ray (Business Development Manager), The Swedish Chef Translator, Maria (Manager of Special Projects) and myself (Code Monkey) all writing posts. Bonus points if you can figure out who wrote what!

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