My Favorite Twitter Visualization Sites

by Joanna Pineda Posted on June 23, 2009

Twitter logo I love Twitter.  Yes,  it’s information overload and there’s a lot of noise, but I love the commentary and the interesting links.  I also appreciate the updates from friends and family.  More recently, I am loving the Twitter visualization sites that are popping up everywhere.

So, what the heck is a Twitter visualization?  If you’re on Twitter, you know that there are millions of individual posts, replies, and discussions every day.  Figuring that people out there would want to do things with this flowing data, Twitter publishes an API (application programming interface) that lets developers have real-time access to tweets and some user information.  The result is hundreds (thousands?) of sites that let you search, map and analyze tweets, relationships between users, and topics.  Here are some of my favorite Twitter visualization sites.

What’s fascinating to me is how Web designers and developers have found countless ways to transform the universe of Twitter data in new and different ways.  Each site introduces me to new people to follow and gives me insight on new topics.

How about you?  What are your favorite Twitter visualization sites?

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Hi Joanna, I thought I’d add to your list and flog our experiment here too. It’s called Tweetpond and you can access it at

Here’s a brief description: “Imagine an underwater world where fish are replaced with the latest thoughts from people all over the world. These thoughts fall deeper as they grow older and new ones are displayed on the top as people post them. This is Tweetpond, an ambient visualisation of Twitter.” I hope you enjoy it!

The following visualisations are pretty nifty too and well worth a try:

Cheers, Jussi (@jopas on Twitter)

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