Is Cloud Computing In Your Future?

by Joanna Pineda Posted on June 25, 2009

Cloud Computing Cloud computing is hot, hot, hot.  Early this year,  PC World predicted that cloud computing would shape up as a big trend in 2009.  We all know Amazon as a giant Internet retailer, but its newest business is cloud computing; you can now buy processing power and storage from Amazon!  Last year, Google launched Google App Engine, a service that lets developers write applications and host them on Google infrastructure.  SalesForce has a similar cloud that lets developers build and host systems on top of the SalesForce engine.

But what exactly is cloud computing and why does it matter?

Wikipedia defines cloud computing as “a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.”  Whatis says that cloud computing is different from traditional hosting in three ways:

Just imagine this: your organization has 1,000 boxes of documents to scan and OCR and you need to get the work done in one week.  By hosting your application on the cloud, you could have as much processing power as you need. Hundreds of servers could be deployed to your project at once.  When the work is done, your hosting obligations go to zero.

Or this:  your organization issues a monthly report that is hugely popular. By hosting your site or report on the cloud, you can have as much bandwidth as you want during the one day a month when the report is in demand.

There are inherest risks in cloud computing that are still being worked out by the vendors, including:

I’m excited about cloud computing because it could level the playing field between the big and little guys.  Small business will have the opportunity to do big things on infrastructure they no longer need to own.  Don’t you love the Internet?

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Good points, Joanna!

Stay tuned for debates on the “private cloud” versus the “public cloud”. I think that it will soon be possible to offer small/mid-sized organizations the ability to have “cloud computing” right inside their own networks — so that they don’t have to worry about their data off in the sky somewhere… but they get some of the same datacenter-style benefits. Larger organizations are already doing this with virtual server farms, and I see that technology moving downstream in a big way.

I wrote this piece that isn’t quite so flattering to cloud computing as it stands right now for the small/mid-sized business…. if you are into a counter-opinion… it is in the news section of my website… thanks for the info, Joanna! I love this blog 🙂

Don’t forget about the human cloud! Amazon also has the “mechanical turk” service. Here you can post up menial, repetitive tasks that require human interpretation.

Need someone to tag 5000 photographs? Post it up on the website an pay per photograph tagged.

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