The Checkbox War is Over: How to Pick a New AMS Partner

by Joanna Pineda Posted on June 28, 2018

checklist on clipboard graphic I was talking to my friend Ben Muscolino at Benel Solutions. Ben’s company does netFORUM implementations and other AMS integrations. Matrix Group has several clients in common and we love working with Benel Solutions.

Anyway, we were talking association management software (AMS) companies, how the space is pretty crowded, and how difficult it is for associations to choose between vendors. At some point, Ben quipped, “well, the checkbox war is over, so how do clients choose their platform?”

The checkbox war is over.

I think Ben is absolutely right. The AMS market has reached such maturity that nearly all the platforms (MatrixMaxx from Matrix Group included) are able to check off the boxes in the RFPs that we receive. Yep, we let associations manage individual and company-based memberships, meetings, tradeshows, publication sales, digital downloads, sponsorships, subscriptions, fundraising, yada, yada.

So how on earth does an association pick a platform? I think the answer is you don’t. You pick a partner instead.

A partner that can help you:

Is YOUR AMS partner doing all this for you?


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