Surviving in this Hellish Economy

by Joanna Pineda Posted on December 2, 2008

Okay, it’s official. The economy is in a recession, but what are you doing about it? What is your company or organization doing to weather the storm or even thrive in it?

I was recently interviewed by Jill Foster for the Network Solution blog on a variety of topics, including using social media for recruiting and what we’re doing here at Matrix Group to survive this hellish economy.

When our fiscal year ends next June, I want to be able to say that we were counter-trend and that our company grew, despite the recession.  Here are my top strategies for surviving this economic bloodbath.

Here’s a link to the Network Solutions blog post:

And here are some great articles I found about thriving in this market.

Geek note: During the interview with Jill, she created a podcast using a service called Utterli. At the beginning of the conversation, Jill dialed a number on her mobile phone, talked into it, then handed the phone to me when it was my turn to comment. At the end of the conversation, Jill hung up and said, “okay, the podcast has been uploaded to my blog.” I was dumbfounded. Jill used her phone to create a podcast!

Note to self: create an Utterli account and create podcasts from the next conference I attend.

Second note to self: ask clients how we can combine our Web development services with Utterli to give them a more powerful blogging platform from their meetings and conventions. Any takers?

2 replies on “Surviving in this Hellish Economy”

Thanks Joanna for sharing the experience.

It was great talking with you recently (for Network Solutions and beyond).

As for Utterli and clients – yes! It has many functions but I find the mobile use to be a game changer.

Opportunity and community with stakeholders are not static things; so building community — with conference participants, with employees on improving internal processes, with project success stories — naturally fits with the familiar audio component of a cell phone as people are already at ease with that type of expression and tech.

If clients want to start a series on different fiscal strategy conversations or even archive the evolution of a brainstorming session – ideas abound for usage – this type of mobile casting can be a strong, simple, humanized way for a biz to develop content. They do not need to depend on high-end editing to tell these types of stories that could make a positive impact on both their internal and external communities.

Thanks for the energizing ideas here on mobile media!

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