Reflections from 2021, Thoughts for 2022

by Joanna Pineda Posted on December 22, 2021

2022 on running trackIt’s December 22, 2021. Phew! Another year has come and gone and as usual, I’m thinking about the coming year. I’ve been having conversations with my team, friends in the industry and fellow CEOs about what to expect in 2022 and we all agree that next year will be another wild ride.

Who wants to go back to in person meetings?

Not gonna lie. Once I got boosted, I felt invincible. I was still careful but I had lunches with team members and clients, I attended a bunch of client social events, and I went to the mall a few times. And then over the weekend, the dreaded emails and calls came: I had multiple exposures at a networking reception I attended, and both of my boys had exposures at school. To make matters worse, I started feeling sick on Sunday. I slept badly on Sunday, got tested on Monday and I’m thankfully negative BUT I know scores of people who have tested positive.

My confidence in attending in person meetings has dipped and I’m wondering about the rest of the world. My hunch is that C-suite and salespeople want to go back in person but the rest of the world, less so. Clients with conferences and tradeshows attended by high-level staff will probably do well in 2022, Conferences that are more education-focused and/or not attended by C-suite types will likely still have lower than normal numbers and it’s not clear what hybrid really looks like these days.

I know I’m willing to take the risk and attend in person meetings, but I’m less willing to send staff and I sense reluctance on their part anyway.

Staffing Will be Ultra Challenging

Every time I get together with my CEO group (I’m a member of Vistage), we talk about how tough it is to find and retain top talent. We have all decided that recruiting, retention, professional development and leveling up our staff is the number one job of CEOs these days. If you’re a CEO and it’s NOT your number one job, it should be.

At Matrix Group, we’re doubling down on 1-2-1 meetings with all staff, including me, who is meeting with every single team member. I’m finding it so helpful to learn about my team’s hopes, dreams and fears for the future.

Where are Your Team and Family Emotionally?

Matrix Holiday Party 2022Last Friday, for the first part of the Matrix Group holiday celebration, I hired a facilitator to run a group discussion about the year we’ve just had. Brian Tarallo from Lizard Brain led us through a two-hour reflection and asked us questions like: What has been your overarching mood in 2021? What is a defining moment you had in the last 18 months? What are you grateful for? What gives you strength? What are you fearful of going into 2022? What would it take to make 2022 amazing for you personally?

As a CEO, you never really know what you’ll find out when you ask questions like the ones above. Brian assured me that if we created a safe space, I would get some great insights, and I did. Some of the discussions were funny, some sad, some deeply moving. I’m grateful to my team for bringing their true selves to the discussion. I learned that my team is resilient and proud of how they managed the last 18 months. I also learned about their fears and that I have work to do to make them feel more supported at work.

Reinventing the Work Environment

The media is full of stories about CEOs wanting their staff to come back to the office, CEOs deciding to go fully virtual, CEOs creating a hybrid work environment.

I had lunch with my commercial real estate broker a couple of weeks ago and he says it’s anybody’s guess what commercial office space will look like in 2022. Here is what I do know:

I’m thinking a lot about the future. Reading a lot. Discussing with anyone who’ll tolerate me. If you have reflections on your 2021 and predictions for 2022, please share.

I hope everyone has a healthy and joyous holiday season. As always, be safe, be well.


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Great post, and there is so much there to discuss. The organization I work for has extended 100% telework flexibility till the end of March 2022 (thanks Omicron) with the opportunity to apply for remote/local-remote work if the job allows for it. I am considering going remote/local-remote because I feel I am as, or more productive working from home. I have fewer interruptions, more flexibility in work hours, and the ability to balance the various aspects of my life without being required to donate 2 hours or more a day to commuting. I know you will work hard to find the best ways to support your people. I find that being recognized for contributing and made to feel valued goes a long way toward making work worthwhile (although paid time off awards and a raise also help). Hang in there. I’m sure you will find innovative ways to make your team better and feel valued as you roll through 2022.

Very thoughtful and authentic Joanna. Yes we need to find ways wherein we can support staff to work remotely and be successful.

I’ve always worked from home and recently moved to a new job where i’m also working from home.
The difference that i greatly appreciate in my new job is the daily one-on-one meetings that i have with my account lead. The meetings last between 5-15 min on the average but sometimes takes longer when there are major issues.
What i like with my former job are the quarterly territory lunch gatherings paid for by the office, just to keep in touch with everyone. It would have been better had they been dinner gathering.

The best solution is a remote office with virtual meetings. Monitored performance with daily updated task lists. Office meetings twice a month with a lunch or event. Options for employees to work in the office at any point in time by scheduling a desk.

Great conference event at Capitol City Brewing : )

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