Getting Started with Facebook – Part 2 – The New Facebook Pages

by Joanna Pineda Posted on March 11, 2009

Facebook Starting today, March 11, fans of organizations with Facebook pages will interact with their favorite orgs, companies and brands the way they interact with their buddies.  On March 11, all Facebook pages will have status updates, walls, and links, just like personal pages.

What does this mean? Well…

The Matrix Group Facebook page was previously fairly static.  We posted events and pulled in news, blog posts and photos via RSS.  We didn’t want to overuse the “Send an Update to Fans” button too much, so we used the page to have a presence.  But now, our Facebook page just got a whole lot more dynamic.  We uploaded photos with captions, we’re posting status updates, and soon we’re going to post videos.  Just think, when we updated the Matrix Group status to say “congratulates International Assoc of Chiefs of Police for winning Best In Class for Discover Policing from the IMA.,” all of our fans’ home pages or status update pages got that post.  Pretty cool and I hope someone will comment on the site or the award.  So now we’ll use Facebook to create more of a dialogue, promote projects, share information about technology we’re playing with, give candidates a sense of what it’s like to work for us.

Here are some other Facebook pages that are now taking full advantage of the new Facebook page format.

My top tips for managing your new Facebook page:

Advertising Age says this change makes Facebook more like MySpace and Twitter and wonders “can brands be trusted to respect social (network) etiquette?”

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Unbelievable. Just released today and you are out there with great analysis and advice. Full disclosure: I am NOT being paid anything by Matrix Group!

The new Facebook now has this announcement, as of a few days ago.

” Pages are now a part of News Feed
From now on, posts from Pages you are a fan of will show up in your News Feed. You can hide their posts by clicking the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the post.”

So while I may not be nuts about the new Facebook (yet), I am excited to see org pages become more like fan pages.

Thank you for these posts on Facebook pages. I’m creating one for our department at UC Berkeley, and the Facebook help was not helpful.

Thanks Joanna, I am only new to FaceBook for my business (1 week!) and yours is the only post I have read from start to finish, word for word. I have followed your advice and you are so much on the money it’s not funny. I really appreciate your insights. Your tips have been invaluable.

Hi Joanna

I have just tried to subscribe to the email updates for your blog and it gave me a message syaing I was already subscribed. I haven’t received any updates though to my email address, how do I activate my subsrciption?

Also will I receive updates on all your blogs or just the topic on the page that I have subscribed from?


Hi Joanna,

As we are new to Social Media, do you recommend that we link our Twitter and FaceBook to our regular website? What are the benefits? Aren’t we losing visitors by linking them off to a portal like this? Isn’t it better to allow different visitors to find us organically via each separate medium? We are wanting your opinion/advice because we are unsure?!?!? Your views on this subject would be greatly appreciated 🙂


And why when I log into FaceBook from my laptop, do I not see the “Insights” box on the left nor the “see all” fans link? But when I log in from my work desktop, I see these extra functions? Is there only 1 “Real” admin login? why is it different between computers? or have I got a different version of facebook between the 2 computers? We have only been on FB for about a week so I can’t imagine we would be out of date on 1 computer. Is there a different version flying around? What am I doing wrong on my laptop? cheers Francesca

Joanna, a curious thing, up to yesterday, we had a comment in the box just underneath the FaceBook title bar (very top). I thought this was what everyone calls, the “Status bar”. the only thing I did differently to get this comment in this spot was to share a comment without adding a link or photo. I was quite happy for this comment to stay in this spot at the top as it was advertising a special which was quite handy ! The comment stayed in this spot for the week. The only problem is that as of yesterday, this “status bar” seems to have disappeared. There’s no comment. Nothing. What has happened to it? Is it a software change to the look of the FB page a few days ago? Or does a status comment expire after a week or something? Or have I done something else wrong? How do I get a comment back up there at the top? It’s quite handy to have somewhere to put a special (other than the profile box) !!! Cheers Francesca

Hi Joanna, Where do I go to get these apps for my FaceBook business page? Extended Info, Poll, Web Profile and My Account (for twitter) ? Also when someone says “create a fan page for your business” does this just mean a “business page” which we already have, or is there another “Fan” page that needs to be created? Also some people have said there is no box to become a fan when they visit our business page, how do I ensure they are able to become a fan once they find out facebook page? the “Fan Box” app in FaceBook is not working for us (we get errors) – is that because we don’t have a personal profile? Will getting a personal profile give us access to all these other “apps” and fix alot of these problems we are experiencing? So confusing ! I guess the confusion arises because the FB experience is not unifirm, and some people get apps coming up and some do not…. Thank you for your help ! Cheers xx Francesca

Best you should edit the post subject title Getting Started with Facebook – Part 2 – The New Facebook Pages | The MatriX Files to something more better for your webpage you create. I loved the blog post still.

I am extremely aggravated and I dont know what I am doing wrong. I have made several attempts to create a page for the non-profit organization that I am the PR person for and every time I do, it says I cant put a business on facebook. Please walk me through step by step on what I need to do to start a Facebook page for my organization, the right way.

I put together a business page but when I first open it, I get a “Getting Started” page. How do I get rid of that. I should be automatically getting my wall with posts and messages.

I have set up a Facebook profile for a non-profit organisation. I have uploaded some photos. I am the administrator and I can log in and see the profile. However, when I search for the page in Google I cannot find it. What have I done wrong or forgotton to do? I do not want this page to be linked to my personal profile.

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