Matrix Group’s Favorite Election Resources

by Joanna Pineda Posted on November 4, 2008

Every election, I give everyone in my office the corny speech about how I grew up under martial law in a country where people couldn’t vote, how voting is a privilege, how every vote counts, yada, yada.  Well, this is the first year where everyone on my staff is interested in the election.  I think nearly everyone eligible to vote actually voted.  We had a staff meeting at noon today and only people who voted (or who are not eligible to vote) got free pizza.

I polled my staff and asked them for their favorite election resources.

Here are our favorite sites for tracking the voting results.

Lots of sites about the vote experience.

Here are some miscellaneous links that we liked:

How about you?  What sites are you relying on for election news and coverage?

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WOW! What an Election. History was made and a first on many fronts; Hilary, the 1st woman to run for presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, the 1st woman to run for Vice President of the United States and of course…. Obama, the 1st African American President of the United States.

I thought Barack Obama’s speech inspiring; but John McCaine’s concession speech was a class act.

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