In the Event That Miss Universe is Unable to Serve…

by Joanna Pineda Posted on November 12, 2009

Miss Universe I haven’t watched a Miss Universe pageant in a long time, but a part of the program will stay with me forever:  the part where Bob Barker says to the 1st runner up something along the lines of:  In the event that Miss Universe is unable to serve, you will take the crown.

What on earth does the Miss Universe pageant have to do with running a business?

Well, it turns out that if you run a business long enough, no matter how successful you, there are times when you don’t take home the prize.  I can remember deals where we came soooo close to winning the account, but ultimately, we came in second place, or 1st runner up.

But unlike a Miss Universe pageant, the 1st runner up in business often has a good chance of taking the prize when:  the first choice can’t deliver, the client’s needs outpace the capabilities of the selected vendor, or a change in staffing triggers a review of the account and the contracts.

When Matrix Group comes in second, yes, it totally sucks, but here’s what we try and do:

Matrix Group has been a proud 1st runner up that ended up taking the crown in many, many instances.  We landed the Catholic Charities account over nine years ago when the first vendor stumbled; we still have the account today.  Just this week, I heard from a prospect from 2005 that had selected another firm for their redesign; the redesign is still not done and they’ve selected Matrix Group to finish the work!

How about you?  Has your company come in second (1st runner up) and then taken the prize?  What strategies do you use to take the prize away from Miss Universe?  Finally, do you ever watch the Miss Universe pageant and would you ever admit to it?

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Thanks for sharing on this. It’s very encouraging to hear when you’re down in the dumps because you didn’t take home the prize. I actually learned a lot by asking why I didn’t get a piece of business. It helped me restructure some of the things I was doing.

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