Happy Anniversary, Matrix Group!

by Joanna Pineda Posted on August 14, 2008

Matrix Group Logo Lots happening at Matrix Group these days.  Matrix Group celebrated nine years in business last May 1, 2008, but we didn’t get around to celebrating until a couple of weeks ago.  We also launched a redesign of our Web site last Friday.  The Web site is not quite where we want it to be yet, but check out our website if you want a sneak peak.

Over nine years ago, around May 1, 1999, I started Matrix Group International, Inc.  We’ve come a long way and we have much to be thankful for — amazing staff, loyal and wonderful clients, supportive friends and partners.  The Washington Business Journal says we’re the 6th largest interactive agency in the DC area.  Some days, I feel the weight of the world on me as a small business owner.  But most days, I’m pretty darn happy to be walking off the elevator, saying good morning to as many peopl as I can, and throwing myself into another busy day. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we held a staff party at Continental Lounge in Rosslyn.  It was your typical office party in some ways – open bar and good food – but not in others – the Continental has a purple room, a pool table and a Wii.  We also held a pool tournament.  How very Matrix Group.  James and Patricia won the pool tournament, each winning a purple iPod shuffle.  Check out our Flickr feed for photos from the party.  And stay tuned for a Save the Date announcement for next year’s 10-year anniversary party, which is sure to be a big bash.

Matrix Homepage

We also launched a new Web site last week.  The new site features:

We have a lot of tweaks and even some content to finish up, but we found ourselves in the situation that many of our clients find themselves in:  the site was almost ready, we had event coming up (in our case, a job fair/open house), but the site was not perfect.  Do we launch or do we wait until everything is perfect?  In our case, we felt the new site was worlds better than the old site, and we didn’t have glaring errors, so we decided to launch.  We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show off the new site to candidates and the new site is better for SEO (search engine optimization).  We will tweak over the new couple of weeks, then market the heck out of the new site.  It was terrific for the team to have the new site up and just plain exciting for the entire company.

This redesign was a fun and illuminating experience for me because I got to play the role of client in every way.  I changed my mind a lot, I was late on content, and I made the designers change the font size at the last minute.  I’m going to do a seminar on the Matrix Group redesign this Fall, so stay tuned for an announcement.

Last thing: I’m in Costa Rica this week.  I am in an Internet cafe in Guanacaste, on a sloooowwww line.  If you want to follow along in the adventures, you can visit my personal blog at http://jpmkadventures.blogspot.com.  Have a terrific week!

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Congrats Matrix team! Fabulous work for over 9 years now – what an awesome accomplishment! – love, #2

Thanks for the note, Pamela. For those of you who don’t know, Pamela was employee #2 at Matrix Group, after yours truly. She and I basically started the company in a little office in Georgetown, shared with Teleconsult. Those were some crazy, fun times!

Hey Joanna, Congrats! It’s hard to believe it was all nine years ago. Your little company is all growed up… Enjoy!

Thanks for the note, Robert! For those of you who don’t know, Robert Kopacz was my very first CEO coach. He would meet with me weekly and we would discuss financial reports, staffing, resource allocation, leadership. He recommended great stuff for me to read and gave me good perspective on so many topics. Matrix Group, like all successful companies, is built on the hard work, commitment and contribution of many talented people, including Robert. Thanks, Robert!

Thanks Joanna for your kind words. I loved every minute of it and you deserve all that you have achieved, because you have the courage to execute, and not many do. Here’s looking forward to the really big one, tenth anniversary! Cheers! rek

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