Getting Started with Twitter For Your Organization

by Joanna Pineda Posted on April 15, 2009

Follow me on Twitter Many clients ask me how to get started with social networking.  Should they blog, be on Facebook or LinkedIn, or should they start tweeting?  For many organizations, I recommend Twitter.   The concept is simple:  Twitter lets you broadcast short updates (140 characters or less) to the people who “follow” or subscribe to your updates. These updates are called “tweets.”  Twitter is also called micro-blogging because people tweet about what they’re doing, thinking, eating, reading, yada, yada.  So how do you get started?

Here’s a YouTube video from CommonCraft on setting up your Twitter account.  And here’s more great advice on getting started with Twitter from Dave Fleet. Finally, the Twitter site has useful information, including how to nudge someone or get your Twitter statistics.

I could go on and on about Twitter, but I’m already up to over 750 words in this post, so I’ll stop here and ask you all: when and why did your organization get started with Twitter and what are your top tips for using Twitter effectively? Finally, if I can help you get started with Twitter, please call, e-mail or tweet.

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Lots of good info on how best to roll out a Twitter feed; thanks. I also enjoyed the NYT article you Tweeted about last night.

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