Creating a Content Strategy for your Web Site, Blog, Social Networks

by Joanna Pineda Posted on April 13, 2009

Pieces of the Marketing Pizzle In my last blog post, I referenced the content strategy that the marketing team at Matrix Group has developed to keep our Web site and social networking pages fresh and interesting.  Several folks asked for more details on our content strategy, so here you go.

Our communication/conversation strategy has several elements:

You’ll notice that we don’t have a separate social networking strategy.  Instead, we have integrated the social network sites into our overall communications plan. All of this is working for us.  Leads from the Web site have increased by several hundred percent, the quality of the leads is amazing, we are getting good candidates for our jobs, and clients are interacting with us in new and different ways.

How about you?  What content and communication strategies are working for your organization?

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Hi, Joanna–

Great post as always. I find particularly useful the fact that your team has created a communication schedule. That’s a great idea and helps make sure that all of the communication platforms you use are updated regularly, which fits well with your content strategy and not posting the same information across the board.

Lots of good tips to think about…

Hi Joanna! I always admire your ability to pass along useful, on-point, accessible information, and have particularly enjoyed the last two posts: this on content management and the other on social networking. Thanks for the great info, and glad to hear the time is paying off on the client side. Hello to your boys.

Hi Katie and Cindy. Thanks so much for your messages. It’s always good to know there are people out there reading and finding value in my posts! I’d love to hear more about your organizations and what you are doing with regard to your content strategy, schedule and content. Thanks again for commenting!

Great advice and clear way to collectively approach the multitude of social media tasks. I often find it overwhelming but this is a great way to look at building an integrated plan.

its nice to read a useful article for beginner like me.Some of points from this article are very helpful for me as I haven’t considered them yet.I would like to say thank you for sharing this cool article.

I agree that it is important to respond in a timely manner when it comes to your blog, social media sites, email, etc. People who are actively seeking your help want to build a professional relationship with you, and who knows, that very person may one day be in a position of great influence; and be a huge asset to your company!

Excellent post but you are missing two vital components –

Use the appropriate keywords that reflect what you what to be ranked in. Use the keywords in your titles tag, and body text.

Don’t create content about anything. Focus on content that meets a market need or is current and popular. That way you are end up with content that people are interested in and will consume, rather just what you are interest in which will invariable be ignored.

The key to success is KEYWORDS KEYWORDS KEYWORDS! Of coarse, content is important too because useless content will not win anyone over! Good luck to everyone.


These are really great tips. I like the last one the most. Only responding to the blog comment is good but then sending the email is great! They are definitely going to go back to your blog this way. Now, I have to go read the blog post before this.

“We believe that it’s important to NOT post the same stuff across all channels.”

Absolutely! Originality always generates more content than a copy-paste approach. The only people that can get away with spamming the same content all over the web are news media outlets.

Johanna, fantastic advice. Another thing we do at our website is find jokes, cartoons, etc. related to our niche and create galleries, posts, etc. using those. Making people smile is always a good thing, even when the content isn’t that “helpful” or “valuable” in a practical sense.

Nice post, I definatly agree that planning your content is vitally important to success in this industry alot of people should heed this post.

informative post but broad explanation. the beginners cannot fully grasp all the contents that you want to share the viewers. maybe you need to explain it in more detailed on your succeeding post relative to that topic.

thanks and God Bless…

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