Episode 06 • 11/15/2022

Todd Stafford, Executive Director of ETA, on the Value of Apprenticeships Today

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The skilled labor shortage is large and growing. Yet, the building trades offer some of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers available, with stats to prove it! The trades even offer earn-while-you learn apprenticeships to teach the trade to those who are interested. How are the trades working to recruit talent and fill the gap? 

Associations Thrive host Joanna Pineda interviews Todd Stafford, Executive Director of the Electrical Training ALLIANCE. Todd introduces the ALLIANCE, shares his journey to becoming Executive Director, and then shares what the ALLIANCE and their 280+ training centers are doing to attract and retain apprentices!

Todd discusses:

  • How their training centers are reaching out to more diverse, nontraditional candidates
  • A Department of Labor grant that the Alliance used to fund nontraditional expenses, like clothing, tools, childcare, health insurance
  • How the Alliance has updated its curriculum for today’s students
  • Why apprenticeships are still so relevant today


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