Are You Ready to Ditch Your Paper Subscriptions?

More and more of my clients are making the decision to eliminate their print magazines and newsletters. They’re choosing digital versions of their publications over print to eliminate printing and mailing costs, achieve immediate delivery, and occasionally, create personalized versions based on customer preferences. All of this makes sense to me.  I get most of […]

Accession Point Blog

Matrix Group worked with Accession Point to design and launch a blog for CEO Jill Stelfox. As a recognized consultant, Stelfox wanted a platform to share her blunt insight on how to help companies and CEO’s take their businesses to the next level. Matrix Group work includes the following: Designed a blog that reflected Accession Point’s […]

Which Came First? Design or Content? Neither, They Need to be Hatched at the Same Time

There is an ongoing discussion at Matrix Group about content and Web design. One camp says that clients need to have all of their content prepped and ready to go before design on a Web site even begins.  The other camp says this view is not realistic, content is always behind, and clients often need the […]