The Power of the Relationship

I tell my staff (especially Project Managers) to jump at any chance to share a meal with a client, vendor or partner. Why? Because I’m convinced that once you’ve shared a meal with someone, it’s a lot harder for them to demonize you, blow you off, ignore your calls and e-mails, or fire you for a small mistake.

A meal, however, is simply a metaphor for creating, nurturing and maintaining a relationship. The relationship is what matters. A meal is one really great, fun way to establish or further a relationship. Face to face meetings and social events are others. Can social networking help you nurture your relationships?  Here’s how.

  • A really great blog lets you connect with your staff, customers, members. A blog lets you share your perspectives, talk about what’s important to you or your field, speak more conversationally about a highly technical or complicated topic.
  • An authentic social networking strategy lets you share aspects of your organization’s culture and values. So don’t just tweet about your press releases!  Share tips and tricks through a video, tweet about Web sites that move you, and upload photos of your staff in action.

How about you?  How are you using social networking to support your relationship goals?

2 thoughts on “The Power of the Relationship

  1. There’s a good book ” Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time”. Great advice when you’re traveling. Establishing relationships remain key to long-term partnerships.

    But in today’s economic climate, with travel budgets slashed to a bare minimum, use of (online) social networking applications provide a means to maintain those relationships at a much lower cost. The role of social media in customer relationship development has grown in significance; provides a more personal connection. promotes engagement, increases interaction and fast becoming the preferred means of communications.

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