Dave Hoernig

Director of Software Engineering

Dave is the Director of Software Engineering at Matrix Group. He uses his extensive experience in web development, e-commerce, and program management to contribute to his role here. Before joining Matrix Group, Dave worked for Parvus Connect as founding and managing partner. His career began as a software engineer after receiving his B.A. in Economics from the University of Richmond with a concentration in computer science. He has provided strategic and tactical leadership across multiple high-value client engagements. Additionally, Dave managed the operational oversight of cross-disciplinary teams and external partners in previous positions.

He brings more than 20 years of experience to Matrix Group in business development support, product development, and management. In his free time, Dave enjoys golfing, playing basketball, and is a huge NFL fan. He is an avid supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles. He also has three sons and a daughter who keep him quite busy at home. His favorite movies are Apocalypse Now and The Matrix, conveniently.

Fun Facts About Dave

  • He volunteers with a marriage preparation program and gives monthly talks to young couples on communication with a focus on empathetic listening.
  • He has built management systems that were distributed to government offices in all fifty states.