nodeJS Developer

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 Matrix Group is looking for experienced Node.js developers who can perform full-stack development on a variety of projects. Here's what we need:
  • You are proficient at Node.js 
  • You are proficient in relational databases and can work with MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.  If you have experience with NoSQL that would be even better.  
  • You have some CSS and jQuery sauce. If you know Vue, that would be even better.
  • You are proficient at consuming and writing web service calls.
Here are sample projects you would work on:
  • A large web portal with a Vue.js front-end, Loopback 3 for the API backend, PostgreSQL
  • Custom content management system powered by MS SQL, Loopback 3 for the API backend, and Solr for serving content with complicated rules
  • Serverless virtual meeting platform with node.js, lambda functions, DynamoDB, API gateway

Matrix Group is a leading digital agency that works with associations and non-profits to help them make the world a better place. We've been in business for 21 years and we have a history of innovating and responding to our client's needs. We are thriving during this pandemic and need more developers! Matrix Group has a strong culture of coaching and collaboration. Team members are accountable to each other and there's no throwing under the bus. You will thrive at Matrix Group if you are curious, are a good problem-solver, and communicate well. Come join a drama-free team!
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