Yes, Even Companies are Twittering!

by Joanna Pineda Posted on November 12, 2008

I used to think that twittering was for individuals who wanted to broadcast their whereabouts and activities to friends and family. Most of my tweets have to do with where I am, what I’m reading, yada, yada.  But I’ve found a growing number of companies using Twitter to raise awareness, reach new audiences, raise money, and disseminate news.

I can’t think of a more fitting match between Twitter and CNN’s breaking news.  My god, Twitter is nothing but a bunch of headlines!  Today, nearly 54,000 people follow CNN’s headline news on Twitter.

The National Wildlife Federation does a great job of using Twitter to promote events, broadcast NWF news and mobilize people to do something (vote, send an e-card, donate, watch a video).  Over 1,600 people follow NWF on Twitter.

A technical support technician from Comcast uses Twitter to provide tech support.  Over 4,800 follow this guy on Twitter.  If they need help, they tweet him directly, then he tweets them directly to provide help.  Of course, you see all of his tweets on the comcastcares Twitter page.

I’ve already blogged about how the Barack Obama campaign used Twitter to mobilize support, let followers know the whereabouts of the campaign, and link to videos and speeches.  The Barack Obama Twitter feed is perhaps the most popular feed of all, with 128,000 followers.

In case you’re interested, Twitterholic has a list of some of the top Twitter feeds so you can find more people and companies to follow.

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