Why It’s Important to Keep Your CMS Upgraded

by Joanna Pineda Posted on June 17, 2014

Time to upgrade Most of us are accustomed to the idea that we have to keep the content of our websites updated on a regular basis. If we don’t add fresh content regularly, people and search engines won’t feel compelled to come as often. But few of us think about updating the backend systems that power our websites.

Any modern website these days is powered by some type of content management system (CMS). At Matrix Group, we like platforms like Sitefinity and WordPress. Every single proposal to clients includes a line item for CMS upgrades. Clients sometimes push back and say, “But Joanna, I just paid good money to implement x CMS and it’s working exactly the way we want it to. Why do we need to upgrade?” Here’s what I counter with:

When you do upgrade, do take the time to familiarize yourself with the new version’s new features, bug fixes and changes. Ask your vendor how you can take advantage of new functionality so that the upgrade becomes even more of an investment in the future. And talk to your vendor about making sure that your site is configured and customized to be upgrade-friendly. I’ve seen websites that couldn’t be upgraded without a lot of money because they had been customized in a way that made upgrades hard or expensive or both. And if your vendor isn’t talking to you about upgrades, be sure to ask why.

Happy upgrading!

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These are all good reasons to upgrade. Web technology isn’t like a car or a lawnmower or a TV. It’s always evolving, because it’s connected to so many things outside of itself, and these things are changing faster than we can count them. Upgrading your CMS is the least you can do to keep pace and be proactive.

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