My Favorite Twitter Applications

by Joanna Pineda Posted on October 29, 2009

Twitter logo Twitter was super smart when they created their API and encouraged developers all over the world to come on in, use their API and develop their own applications using Twitter data.  But wait, what’s an API, you say?

API stands for Application Program Interface.  Wikipedia defines an API as “an interface that a software programs implements in order to allow other software to interact with it.”  In the Web world, APIs allow systems to talk to each other, request each other’s data, write to each other’s systems, etc., within a defined structure.  In Twitter’s case, the Twitter API allows software developers to request information from Twitter, especially the tweets by Twitter subscribers. The API allows requests by date range, keyword, usernames, etc.

Why on earth would anyone want to build a program using Twitter data?  It turns out that Twitter data can be amazingly interesting once it’s sliced and diced in different ways.  There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of applications that take Twitter streams and do “stuff” with them: sort them, visualize them, analyze them, count them.  Here are some of my very favorite Twitter applications.  Note that I specifically don’t list applications that help you manage your tweets, replies, direct messages, etc.

Can’t get enough of these Twitter applications? claims to be the best way to find Twitter applications.  TechCrunch has its list of the top 21 Twitter applications.  Finally, Twitdom is a database of Twitter applications.

How about you?  What are your favorite Twitter applications? What’s the coolest or prettiest thing you’ve seen that uses the Twitter API?

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Cool list; I’ll have to check these out, especially Trendistic.

Btw, got any cool smartphone apps that you recommend? My organization’s blog has a weekly feature about neat, unusual apps. Thanks. Happy Halloween!

has some good statistics although acting strangely today.

I like Echofon for posting tweets, small & unobtrusive. Formerly known as “TwitterFox”.


Joanna – Great list.

Some added favorites are, Tweetdeck, and Tweetizen. As for – it’s a well thought out place for Twitter apps founded by @Pistachio aka Laura Fitton (…just published Twitter for Dummies). She interviewed for the #SmallBizCool series at Blogworld for Women Grow Business too …a dynamic entrepreneur and Twitter champ!

FYI for kicks – that fun, brief(!) video chat for your readers:

And thanks again for your soc med thoughts here.

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