Does Your Organization Need a Podcast?

by Joanna Pineda Posted on February 22, 2023

I love podcasts! I listen to at least one podcast every single day. And yes, I’m a podcaster. I have two podcasts: Associations Thrive is a podcast celebrating successful associations and their leaders and K Drama Chat is a podcast where my co-hosts and I take one Korean Drama (K Drama) each season and recap and analyze each episode.

So, does YOUR organization need a podcast? 

The answer is always gonna be “it depends.” But consider these statistics from

So why host a podcast for your association? I can think of many reasons:

If you’re looking for some terrific association podcasts, here a few that I recommend:

While there are thousands of podcasts, there are probably few or no podcasts in your industry or profession. It’s a great time to create a podcast for your association. 

Want to talk podcasting? Get in touch with me or find me on LinkedIn. Matrix Group doesn’t produce podcasts but we can help you develop your strategy and implementation plan. If you want execution help, I recommend my friends at Association Briefings.

And if and when you launch a podcast, please let me know so I can listen and share!

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