Are You Sick of the 2008 Election Yet? Here are a Few More Sites to Visit!

by Joanna Pineda Posted on October 7, 2008

In 28 days, we Americans get to vote for a new President. On the one hand, I have been glued to the TV during both conventions and the debates, and I’m reading everything I can about the candidates and their platforms. On the other hand, I’m completely sick of the politics, the inflated promises, and the false statements. Since I’m a bit of a political junkie, I have been scouring the Web for some of the most informative and innovative resources on the election. Here are some of my favorite sites:

My Election Decision is aimed that the coveted undecided voters. You take a quiz and the system tells who your candidate should be.

I think the New York Times has the best election coverage of any of the major news outlets.

The Washington Post and CNN also have a good election centers.

Google has created a series of Google maps that chart the timeline of both candidates’ lives, map Twitter posts about the election, and show where the candidates are on the campaign trail. Be sure to reload this page a couple of times to see all of the possible maps.

The 270 To Win interactive electoral map lets you make your own predictions about how each state will swing.

If you are a poll junkie, you’ll love this Presidential Poll site, which aggregates polls announced by the newspapers and other media outlets.

Twitter has created an election page where anyone with a Twitter account can Tweet on the election. There is a new post every two seconds. Stay awhile and you’ll see some interesting posts.

7-Eleven lets you vote for your candidate with every coffee purchase because you get to pick your coffee cup: McCain vs. Obama. Nationally, 7-Eleven coffee drinkers are voting 58% for Obama vs. 42% for McCain. Get out there and vote and vote often!

If you want some historical perspective on the issues of the day, here’s a great PBS microsite that highlights different Presidents from the past century and their views on the economy, military service, the US role in the world, and other issues.

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