5 Great Gift Ideas for the Techies in Your Life

by Joanna Pineda Posted on December 19, 2022

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the techies in your life? With technology continuing to evolve at a breakneck speed and the fact that techies can be so particular (we can say this because we know: we are them!), it can be tough to know what gift to give that will be a joy and delight, and not outdated.

To give you a few great ideas, I polled my staff to see what gadgets they’re loving and what’s on their holiday wishlist. Here are the hottest tech gifts for this holiday season according to the Matrix Group staff:

🎁 For the Coffee-Guzzling or New Parent Techie: Ember Temperature Control Mug

Price: $119.95

For everyone who enjoys hot beverages throughout the day, enjoying it at the right temperature has always been a minor inconvenience. It’s usually too hot when it’s first made. But if you wait too long to let it cool off, then it’s too cold. 

With this handy gift, you can set the ideal temperature for you with a phone app and always enjoy your beverage at the right temperature! It even has a sleep functionality that will turn off and turn back on as soon as the mug detects movement of the liquid inside.

🎁 For the Outdoorsy Techie: Bosch 12V Heated Vest Kit

Price: $149.00

Have a significant other that loves spending time outdoors or is someone that’s just cold all the time? This heated vest could be a game changer! With 3 different heat levels and a run time of 1, 2 or 3 hours for each level, this makes for a great gift that’s useful year round!

🎁 For the Child Techie: Osmo Coding Family Bundle

Price: $79.99

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child or a friend’s child is the gift of coding. As one of the highest paid professions and a guaranteed study that can lead to a career in video games, the Osmo coding family bundle is designed for kids 5-10 that teaches coding via connecting colorful blocks and seeing the results on an Ipad. The other great part? You can learn to code as you help out!

🎁 For the Maker Techie: Cricut Maker

Price: $379.99

Got a significant other with an artistic streak that could use a device to take it to the next level? The Cricut Maker will let them take all kinds of different artist patterns or designs and have a computer cut them out on hundreds of different material types! With 13 tools to cut, emboss engrave, etc., this gift will provide endless hours of creative fun and is powerful enough for those who create art on a professional level!

🎁 For the Organized Techie: P-Touch Smartphone Label Maker

Price: $39.99

For those who love organization, the P-Touch Smartphone label maker provides an extremely portable and convenient solution for those who need labels on a daily basis. Simply download the P-Touch app and connect to it wirelessly to print labels using over 450 symbols and a variety of font styles. 

What’s on your tech wish list this holiday season?

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