Episode 93 • 05/09/2024

Vince Talucci, CEO of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), on The Future of Policing, AI, and Community Policing

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What will YOUR profession look like in the future? How are social, economic and technological trends shaping your future and how is your organization adapting to these forces?

Joanna welcomes the return of Vince Talucci, CEO of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). In episode 13 of Associations Thrive, Vince talked about his journey to become the CEO, and the changes that IACP has made to grow and thrive, by focusing on younger members, going global, IACP research, education, professional development, and law enforcement support. 

In this episode of Associations Thrive, Vince discusses:

  • How the IACP now has 34,000 members, double the number of members in 2016. 
  • How membership growth is being fueled by IACPs advocacy work, annual conferences, publications, and education.
  • IACP just concluded a 10-city listening tour to find out what’s on the minds of their members. They asked their members two questions: What is the most pressing issue confronting your agency, and what is the most important issue facing the profession?
  • IACP members reported that the top-of-mind issues are recruitment and retention, officer safety and wellness, violence against police officers, legalization of marijuana, and highway safety.
  • How IACP has a timeless strategic plan, but is always thinking about the future and where the profession is going. Technology and AI are issues they are tracking.
  • How community policing and having police agencies that look like their communities are evergreen issues.
  • When talking about AI and technology, civil rights, privacy, data storage, and ethical usage must be at the forefront of every conversation.
  • IACP is exploring what AI is to the policing profession: what it is, the pros, the pitfalls, and interpreting these findings in a meaningful way for members.
  • How staffing at police agencies in the future will include professionals who are complementing the police officers out on the street.
  • How IACP is focused on leadership in policing organizations through the concept that everyone in a police organization is a leader.
  • How IACP was already able to make quick decisions before the pandemic and continues to do so post-pandemic.
  • Vince’s proudest moment during the pandemic was how his staff handled COVID.


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