Episode 67 • 11/21/2023

Julie Kresge, Executive Director of the ECBA on Staying Close to Members and a New Strategic Plan

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How do you meet the needs of small and large firm members? How do you work alongside your state or national association to benefit your members, and remain distinct and relevant to members?

In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Julie Kresge, Executive Director of the Erie County Bar Association (ECBA). Julie discusses:

  • Her unique and winding path to becoming an Executive Director.
  • How the Erie County Bar Association promotes the rule of law, does a lot of good in the community, and creates a vibrant community of attorneys.
  • How the Bar Foundation raises money for law school scholarships and education support for homeless students.
  • The Bar’s new strategic plan, which lays out 34 recommendations for improving the association. 
  • The Bar’s new, non-attorney membership type that is meant to expand membership and support all the legal staff at law firms.
  • The Bar’s weekly journal, which reports on all legal activities in the community. This journal is a HUGE member benefit and revenue generator.
  • The Bar’s signature events: Law Day and the Bench Bar Conference.
  • How lawyers are in high demand in Erie County right now.


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