Episode 78 • 02/08/2024

Jose Segarra, Executive Director of ACUA, on Boards, Community and Culture

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Have you ever wondered how associations are influenced by the profession or the industry they represent? How do you nurture community in an association? 

In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Jose Segarra, Executive Director of the Association of College and University Auditors (ACUA). Jose discusses:

  • Who ACUA members are: they are internal auditors in colleges and universities. ACUA members audit policies, procedures and compliances with these policies.
  • How the rules around college athletes and the DEI programs that are being sunset because of the recent Supreme Court decision are keeping ACUA members up at night.
  • Jose’s journey in different associations and his experience working for association management companies.
  • How the profession or industry represented by an association strongly affects the culture and personality of the Board and association.
  • The challenges associated with managing two associations at the same time, especially when their annual meetings happen in the same month.
  • How ACUA’s community is powering the association and how volunteers manage the discussions and nurturing of the communities.
  • How ACUA members author guides and resources that help all members do their jobs better and be successful.
  • How and why ACUA decided to take their Summit virtual this year in order to reach more members and manage costs.
  • Bostrom’s culture and commitment to diversity, which Jose believes is helping the company to thrive.
  • Jose role as one of the five founding Board members of Association Latinos. 
  • Last year, Association Latinos held its inaugural awards ceremony, honoring two members during Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • How a big part of Association Latinos’ mission is to elevate the profile of members in the association community.


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