Episode 31 • 05/02/2023

Bailey McMurray, Executive Director of the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians (ICEP) on How to Revamp Member Benefits and Make Membership Everyone’s Job

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How do you support emergency physician members who are exhausted after three years of a pandemic? How do you revamp traditional member benefits, including an annual conference, publication and education?

In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Bailey McMurray, Executive Director of the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians (ICEP). Bailey introduces ICEP, talks about her journey to becoming ED, and then talks about what ICEP is doing to support members and rebuild membership. Bailey discusses:

  • Why becoming the Executive Director of a healthcare association was the best profession for her, given her family background and interests.
  • What ICEP is doing to stem membership decline that was being caused by members leaving the profession and a global pandemic.
  • How membership is everyone’s job at ICEP.
  • WHY and HOW membership is everyone’s job at ICEP.
  • How ICEP took its oral board review course online, with great success!
  • How Bailey is transforming Illinois EPIC, EPIC’s quarterly publication, into a multimedia experience.
  • ICEP’s most important advocacy issues, including reducing violence in the ER (emergency room), and boarding and crowding.
  • Her superpower! (You gotta listen to find out!)


About Bailey McMurray

Bailey is an association management professional with passion for leadership, working with people, volunteering, DEI initiatives, project management, and community relations.

About Illinois College of Emergency Physicians

Since 1970, as the Illinois state chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, ICEP has been dedicated to the support of quality emergency medical care and committed to the interests of emergency physicians.

With a diverse community of more than 1,300 members, ICEP offers leadership development, education, career development, mentorship, volunteer service, advocacy, practice resources, and other opportunities to stay connected and engage with one another.

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