Episode 25 • 03/23/2023

Aaron Alejandro, Executive Director of the Texas FFA on Compelling Stories That Drive Donations

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How do you differentiate your organization in a crowded fundraising landscape where so many organizations are asking individuals and companies for support? How do you craft stories that are compelling and encourage action?

In this episode of Associations Thrive. host Joanna Pineda interviews Aaron Alejandro, Executive Director of the Texas FFA (Future Farmers of America) Foundation. Aaron introduces the Foundation, shares his journey to becoming Executive Director of the Foundation, and shares how the Foundation’s fundraising and programs are thriving through:

  • A powerful vision for FFA.
  • Compelling stories that help donors understand the FFA mission and programs.
  • Successful partnerships between the actors in the Texas Ag-Ed (agricultural education) ecosystem.


About Aaron Alejandro

Aaron Alejandro is Executive Director of the Texas FFA Foundation located in Austin, Texas. He has more than 30 years of experience in management, personal and professional training. 

In his position with the Texas FFA Foundation, Aaron has established relationships with sponsors and individuals resulting in significant stakeholder engagement with the Texas FFA. With more than 200,000 students enrolled in agricultural science education courses and Texas FFA membership in excess of 130,000+ members.

About Texas FFA Foundation

In 1987 the Texas FFA Association, ATAT, Texas FFA Alumni and Texas FFA Young Farmers undertook a coordinated effort to advance agriculture education and the Texas FFA program and The Texas FFA Foundation was formed.

Since then, they have grown quite a bit and recognized that, by bringing the Texas FFA experience to a whole new generation, it had a unique opportunity. By working with affiliate organizations, they would define the public’s understanding of personal and economic value of agricultural science education and the Texas FFA.

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