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What REALLY Matters for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s the new year and it’s customary to look at the previous year and make predictions about the upcoming year or decade.  Every day in my e-mail inbox, I get […]

Are You a Book Lover? Check Out Google Books!
Posted on September 18, 2009
Google is doing it again.  Google is turning the publishing world upside down with Google Books, currently in beta.  Google Books allows the public to download more than a million […]
Keeping Track of Company Mentions on the Web
Posted on February 5, 2009
When I’m researching a product, I go to the Web. When I’m looking to hire a candidate, I go to the Web. All day long, I’m running searches in Google […]
Conversation and the Zen Tech Warrior
Posted on January 27, 2009
I had the pleasure of speaking at the ASAE Technology Conference, taking place until tomorrow at the DC Convention Center.  My topic? Dealing With Big Trends in a Small Staff […]
Have You Googled Your Name Lately?
Posted on December 17, 2008
One of the goals of the last redesign of the Matrix Group Web site was to make my bio more prominent in search engines. I had previously resisted putting any […]