Work for Water Website Design

Work for Water Website Modernization

Today’s water professionals work to provide clean water and essential services for communities, while adapting to and finding solutions to issues such as the impacts of climate change, aging infrastructure, a retiring work force, and the global water crisis. The new design of the site communicates the opportunities and possibilities of choosing a career in water, and encourages job seekers to explore a careers across a wide spectrum of positions.

The Matrix Group team worked closely with AWWA and WEF to understand the industry, why working in water is terrific, target audiences for working in water, and the important conversions for the website. We started with user personas, then moved to re-imagined content and user flows, a beautiful design, and more high impact content.

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The Challenge

In assessing the effectiveness of the website,’s joint partners, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA), realized that the site didn’t have the reach or the impact that they aspired to. The partnership knew that if they wanted to achieve their goal of elevating the vision and promise of a career in water, they needed to reimagine the website, take a hard look at the content, make the site more aspirational, and drive more traffic to ultimately benefit their members.

The Solution

The Matrix Group team worked closely with AWWA and WEF to explore ways to make a career in water come alive for site users and job seekers by taking advantage of the latest technology.  

To help the AWWA and WEF reach their goals, Matrix Group:

  • Produced new logo and branding assets
  • Designed a fresh new website with revived imagery, color palette and imagery to communicate the various career possibilities in water
  • Provided SEO consultation on search phrases and other use cases to inform content
  • Built the new design as a WordPress theme and implemented in the WordPress content management system
  • Built a custom directory and map of state-by-state resources and information related to licensing, certifications, related organizations, training programs and regional job searches
  • Launched the new site on time, and on budget


The Result

The new website:

  • Intrigues users and increases the overall depth of visit
  • Had decreased bounce rate by cross-marketing and cross-pollinating content through various areas of the site
  • Leads users to actionable, useful, data captured from the various regions

“We are most excited about the Get Started map. While the water industry is global, the employment, particularly for operations personnel, is local, due to the varying state licensing requirements. Finding information specific to your state or region can be a large barrier to entering the field. This map provides a tool for site visitors to easily find information specific to their region”

— Jessica Rozek, Operator Programs Manager at WEF