What’s So Fun About FourSquare?

by Joanna Pineda Posted on June 24, 2010

In my quest to try out new social networks, I signed up for FourSquare last year.  I didn’t start using the service until a couple of months ago, when I get my new Palm Pre and I felt ready to dive into another social network.

FourSquare is a location-based social network. The idea is that you share your location with your friends and followers by “checking into” locations.  For example, every time I go to a restaurant, I pull up the FourSquare app on my phone, let the app determine my GPS coordinates and show me possible options.  I can select one of the venues select and “check-in” or add a new venue.  When I check in, I can write a little message and share out my update on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Last Saturday, I checked into four locations, including three restaurants and I got hilarious comments from friends about how all I did on Saturday was eat!

Here’s what I’m enjoying about FourSquare:

FourSquare has its detractors, of course.

Me? I only update during the day when I’m normally at work and yes, I have an alarm system at home that is always on when nobody is home.  And I never, ever update Twitter, Facebook or FourSquare and broadcast that I’m going to be away for an extended period of time.

As of a couple of days ago (June 22) TechCrunch reported that FourSquare had 1.7 M users and that it had added 100,000 users in the last 10 days.

How about you?  Are you on FourSquare?  What do YOU think about the new location-based social networks?

2 replies on “What’s So Fun About FourSquare?”

I don’t see the difference between 4Square and the iPhone app which tells you the businesses in the local radius. is it any different?

Also security is a major issue for me, I wouldn’t use it for that reason.

The only time I would use it perhaps was if I was away in another city and I had someone houseminding my house coupled with an alarm, and I would use it to find services I needed in an unknown city. But that’s about it. I tend to research what I need before I leave the house. and I think most people would use their iphones to look up services they need real time.

But a good app for non iphone users who don’t have access to the iPhone local app.

I have similar concerns, I don’t generally broadcast my whereabouts in realtime because I don’t want to say “I’m in LA”, and everyone knows that my wife is alone in our home in NY. My other issue with these apps is the spam. I get dozens of tweets per day in my Twitter stream that are automated 4square broadcasts. To me, they are rather annoying and more clutter that detracts from the overall value and careful selection of who I’m following.

Are there any Twitter clients that allow filtering by source? That might help, I could say to ignore any tweets that say “Via foursquare”.


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