How Designing a Home is Like Designing a Website

by Joanna Pineda Posted on July 11, 2013
Colleen Stone's dogs
Colleen brought her dogs, Charli and Anya, to the Friday Forum. These cutie pies are on the Stone House Board of Directors

I had the pleasure of welcoming Colleen Stone, Principal at Stone House , to Matrix Group last week. I invited Colleen to come in and do a Friday Forum (lunch and learn) for my staff because while my team was working with Colleen on her website, I was struck by how similar her process is to ours. She designs homes, we design websites. We both make it a priority to get to know our customers and create something beautiful and extremely user-friendly. I called Colleen an Information Architect for home design. Here were my key takeaways from Colleen’s presentation.

Renovating a home is a big decision

When gathering requirements

Gathering requirements is critical element of every design job. Here’s her formula for success:

Each family has a culture and a style

Colleen says that some designers develop a signature style; their customers want that signature style in their homes. Other designers strive to create something that is unique for each client. Colleen is part of the latter group. She believes:

Good designers educate their clients

Colleen believes that good designers devote 50% of their time with clients to education. Clients have to make umpteen million decisions and they can’t make umpteen million good decisions unless they are educated. When a client asks for something that, in your opinion, isn’t a good idea:

Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes

I asked Colleen about techniques she uses to really get to know here clients. My favorite tidbits:

I’m looking at the work of architects and interior designers in a whole, new light thanks to Colleen. Be sure to check out samples of Colleen’s work on her website.

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