People Want to Follow; Are You Ready to Lead?

by Joanna Pineda Posted on April 23, 2009

Follow the Leader I’ve been thinking about the terminology that we use to describe our relationships on various social networks.  I “follow” people on Twitter and people “follow” me back.  I have “friends” on Facebook.  I am “linked” to people on LinkedInThe “follow” relationship is the one I find most fascinating.

When you “follow” someone, you:

While I understand that my “followers” on Twitter probably don’t see me as a leader, there are certainly people on Twitter who I “follow” because I consider them thought leaders and I want to know what they’re reading and thinking. Think about it.  We never say that we “follow” a Web site, company or newsletter, but we do say that we “follow” someone’s blog.  I know I consider it a high compliment when someone tells me that they “follow” my blog.

In the book Tribes, marketing guru Seth Godin tells us it’s human nature to want to be part of a group that shares a common passion and recognizes the same leader; in other words, most of us want to be part of a tribe.  Further, Seth believes that using the Web and social networking tools, everyone can now find or assemble a tribe and lead it.

So I say to each of you and your organizations:  People want to follow, are you ready to lead?

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