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Cracking the Code: Corporate Sponsorship Demystified for Associations

Dates: Nov 15, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
Cost: Free


What do you get when you cross a mission-driven organization with a corporation looking to increase sales or enhance corporate citizenship? Non-dues revenue magic!

Many large corporations have sponsorship and partnership dollars specifically dedicated to supporting the industries, initiatives, and causes that your organization is founded on. Connecting and forming a partnership with the businesses that align with your organizational mission can be transformational for both of you! 

HOWEVER, it’s important to know that there are many nuances to approaching and working with corporate sponsors, and that success hinges on knowing how to successfully engage them. 

Join us for an insightful and engaging session with Corporate Sponsorship expert Lori Zoss Kraska, MBA, CFRE, Founder of Growth Owl LLC, where she will decode corporate sponsorship and give you all the tools you need to jumpstart your association’s corporate sponsorship efforts!

We will discuss:

  • Why corporate sponsorships? 
  • What corporate sponsorship decision makers are looking for from associations
  • Creative ways organizations are structuring sponsorships
  • The importance of mindset in pursuing corporate sponsorship
  • How to best engage and communicate with each decision maker type

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About the Presenters

  • Lori Zoss, MBA, CFRE, Founder of Growth Owl LLC, is passionate about connecting purpose driven organizations to the funding, resources, talent and support they need from corporate partners and other key stakeholders. She also enjoys working with corporations to help them best maximize their philanthropic efforts, CSR/Sustainability initiatives, and cause marketing efforts.

  • Joanna Pineda is CEO and Chief Troublemaker of Matrix Group International, Inc., a digital agency that works primarily with associations and nonprofits to help them increase membership and generate revenue. Joanna’s staff and clients call her Chief Troublemaker because she likes to ask a lot of questions, think outside the box, question reality, and ask the hard questions so stuff gets done. She is passionate about the user experience, aka the member or customer journeys.

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