Millions Commemorate 9/11 on the Web

by Joanna Pineda Posted on September 11, 2008

On the anniversary of that fateful day seven years ago, many of us paused, reflected, read the news, watched TV, and yes, many of us turned to the Web to help us remember.

Here’s a roundup of the some of the official or particularly good 9/11 sites I’ve seen.

The Pentagon Memorial was dedicated today.  This is the first of the 9/11 memorials at the official sites to be built and completed.  There’s a separate site for the fundraising effort.

The Twin Towers Memorial and Museum site has videos and information about the memorial.

The Flight 93 Memorial Fund has a tribute to the heroes who died in Shanksville, PA and prevented a third tragedy.

The Families of September 11 site has a state by state listing of activities.

911 Memorials features a list of memorials around the country and the world.

Here’s a popular 9/11 video on YouTube.

There’s even a 911 memorial in Second Life.  You have to have an account to see it, but you can read about the memorial.

There are thousands of news and conspiracy sites, but on this day, all I wanted to do was remember and reflect.  If you found a site that was particularly moving, I’d love to hear about it.

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