MatrixMaxx 9.2 Offers Valuable Enhancements and Cool Upgrades

June 26, 2009

Matrix Group today announced the release of MatrixMaxx 9.2, the latest version of Matrix Group’s Web-based association management software.

As always, the MatrixMaxx 9.2 release includes baseline enhancements to core modules, as well as several upgrades available for purchase. MatrixMaxx is upgraded every quarter, in order to provide our clients with upgraded functionality and support their custom integration needs.

Baseline enhancements that all clients received include:

  1. New sponsorship report with additional sorting and results options.
  2. Ability to add internal comments to a meeting; previously, internal notes were only available at the registration level.
  3. Ability to customize meetings view page by uploading a logo or banner image.
  4. Ability to remove contacts mistakenly added to a committee directly from the individuals page
  5. Ability to include attachments with e-mail confirmations from the various modules.
  6. Finance upgrade to support the upgraded Payflow Pro payment gateway.

Upgrades available for an additional fee:

  1. Ability to upload photos and store URLs for individual and company social networking pages (e.g., Facebook and Twitter pages).
  2. New committee rosters that include photos.
  3. Ability to create discount codes that can be used in meeting registrations.
  4. New 'Exhibit Summary Report’ that provides a dashboard for each tradeshow.
  5. Public sponsorship application form.

“Each release includes functionality specifically requested by our clients,” said Tanya Luminati, Director of MatrixMaxx Development and Implementation.  “We like to pack each release with much-requested enhancements, as well as big ticket upgrades from our product road map. Clients love the quarterly releases and the baseline upgrades.”

To learn more about how MatrixMaxx® can help streamline your organization’s processes and improve your staff’s productivity. Request a Demo or visit us at: MatrixMaxx

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