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  • The Evolution of UI Design: back to skeumorphic?

    UI design has been evolving recently, and that has a lot to do with Google's new Material Design Language that debuted last year. The concept is inspired by traditional ol’ paper and ink. Google interfaces are now more three dimensional with each component on its own “physical” layer, like sheets of paper laying on top of each other, sliding around to reveal different content sections.
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  • Data Management is Everyone’s Responsibility

    I meet with lots of clients that have staff assigned to manage the database. Membership or IT tends to have the responsibility for keeping member records up to date, updating contacts, maintaining demographic information, etc. Most organizations limit what staff can access and edit because they’re afraid that records will be messed up. I say … Continue reading Data Management is Everyone’s Responsibility →
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  • Sue Wilkinson, Group Director, Information & Internet Services, Food Marketing Institute

    “Thanks for always rising to the occasion and for always being open to other possibilities! GO MATRIX GROUP!!!”