AWTC Virtual Awards Ceremony

The Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC) held its second annual awards ceremony on March 28, 2023 to announce and honor the winners of the AWTC Leadership, Impact and Champion awards. AWTC decided to hold the event virtually to allow the winners, their supporters, and the greater AWTC community to participate from anywhere.


Association Women Technology Champions


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The Challenge

AWTC held a virtual awards ceremony last year in the Wonder platform. While the event was a huge success, the Awards Committee wanted to elevate the event this year with higher production on the actual ceremony, better networking between attendees, and attract more attendees.

But, how to do all this with an all volunteer committee?

AWTC Awards Ceremony - Monica 1

The Solution

AWTC turned to Matrix Group and its BeSpeake virtual meeting platform to host and produce the event. With BeSpeake, clients don’t just get a full-featured platform, they get an experienced team that will help them plan and execute their events, including dedicated support during the event. The BeSpeake team provided the following services:

  • Event Planning – BeSpeake team members attended committee meetings to explore what was possible with the event, brainstorm ways to make the event engaging, and train the volunteers and winners.
  • Promotional Support – Matrix Group provided graphics to promote the event, and then created custom graphics for each of the winners to promote the awards ceremony on social media. We also drafted and sent out communicating to all registered attendees.
  • Virtual Meeting Platform – The BeSpeake meeting platform was used for registration, networking, and the livestream of the ceremony. We created a custom design for the event site and created the schedule that allowed attendees to move eaisly from networking to event and then back to networking.
  • Livetream Production – We assisted with the development of the run of show document, trained the speakers, and then produced the awards ceremony, which consisted of an emcee, live interviews with winners and AWTC winners, and video montage interviews with winners.
  • Networking Rooms – The AWTC awards ceremony made use of three types of video rooms in the BeSpeake platform:
    • The event started with a Red Carpet meet and greet, which was a video room in presentation mode, meaning only the hosts were on video until attendees raised their hands and were promoted to be on video. The room was even styled with a red background!
    • After the Red Carpet room closed, attendees could participate in light networking in video rooms (we call them speakeasies).
    • After the livestream, attendees could go into a networking lounge that contained multiple video rooms, each one dedicated to three of the winners. Attendees could bounce between the rooms to say hello to the winners and meet other attendees.

The 2023 AWTC Awards Ceremony was a smashing success.


registered attendees logged in and attended the event


of attendees watched the entire livestream


people visited the Red Carpet Meet and Greet room

Each of the networking rooms with the winners had an average of 15 people!

The Results

By all accounts, the 2023 AWTC Awards Ceremony was a smashing success. BeSpeake analytics tell us that:

  • 178 people registered for the event, and 125 actually logged in and attended the event. Both numbers represent an increase from last year.
  • 113 people watched the livestream for an average of 50 minutes; this is an amazing statistic, considering the livestream consisted of 10 minutes of preroll and then 50 minutes for the actual livestream.
  • 68 people visited the Red Carpet Meet and Greet room.
  • Each of the networking rooms with the winners had an average of 15 people!