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Getting Started with Twitter Spaces

It’s safe to say that, thanks to the pandemic, our lives are lived online now more than ever before. The more time we spend in the digital world, the more […]

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2021
Posted on January 11, 2021
It’s safe to say that, thanks to the pandemic, our lives are lived online now more than ever before. The more time we spend in the digital world, the more the lines are seeming to blur between physical and virtual, lending way to some exciting new web design trends. Here are the 5 trends that I think will be most [...]
Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2020
Posted on January 7, 2020
Guest post by Alex Pineda, Matrix Group Creative Director New year, new possibilities, especially in web design. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, design possibilities seem limitless in the coming year. What do I think we’ll see, design-wise? Here are my predictions for the top 5 web design trends in 2020:

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Your Website: Part I
Posted on March 15, 2018
Last year, my husband and I read Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing." To say this book was life changing isn't an exaggeration. Besieged by clutter, we went about decluttering our books, clothes, papers, kitchen accessories, and [...]
When Redesigning Your Website, Don’t Confuse Goals with Requirements
Posted on June 8, 2017
I read a lot of RFPs and I attend a lot of website redesign kickoff meetings. The most important questions I ask are, "Why redesign? Why now?" I usually get answers like:
  • Our website needs to mobile-friendly
  • The website needs a faceted search
  • Our site search sucks
  • The website isn't user-friendly
While these [...]
Does Your Website Need a Redesign or Refresh?
Posted on April 21, 2016
Woman setting before Mac screens, man reaching in front of her to point at something on screen A couple of weeks ago, I attended a meeting with a client who was interested in redesigning their website. "Why?" I asked. The site looks pretty good, the site is mobile-friendly, and the analytics are pretty good. So [...]
Web Design Can and Should Be CMS-Agnostic (and why we love WordPress more and more)
Posted on January 22, 2016
webdev_sm Here at Matrix Group, we use a variety of platforms and frameworks to build client applications. On the content management system (CMS) side, we really like Sitefinity and WordPress for building websites, although we have worked with other platforms, including DNN, Expression Engine, and Kentico. WordPress has come a long way in [...]
Applying Information Architecture and Design Principles to Life
Posted on July 15, 2015
Networks I opened up a mailing from our 401(k) provider and was overwhelmed by the tiny type and the options available as investment funds. Ugh. I decided to call my financial planner instead. I was driving around in a parking garage and as usual, I fretted that once parked, I would never be [...]
Why Should You Hire an Agency to Redesign Your Website?
Posted on January 28, 2015
matrixgroup292 Every once in a while, I hear from a prospect who says his organization is considering redesigning their site and they'd like to do the design and CMS implementation on their own. They either want to use in-house resources or they intend to use an off the shelf template for design [...]
Just Say No! to Stock Photography
Posted on April 24, 2014
[caption id="attachment_4837" align="alignright" width="350"] Sample stock image of people meeting Here's an example of an image that is clearly a stock image. Do these people look real to you?[/caption] Whenever I meet with clients about their websites, the conversation inevitably turns to the topic of stock photos. Most companies are photo challenged, so they [...]