Creating an Integrated, Layered User Experience Across Your Social Media Pages

I was researching an organization last week and visited their website, blog and social media pages. The website was nicely designed, easy to navigate, and had good information.  The blog was terrific and I quickly subscribed to the RSS feed.  When I got to the organization’s social media pages, I was sorely disappointed.  Their Twitter […]

National Day of Action on 8/25th: CitizenEffect, Social Media Club, and More to Help the Gulf

Guest blog post by Jill Foster Since joining CitizenEffect’s Gulf fact-finding mission trip last month (also called the #CitizenGulf project), it’s been a non-stop learning curve on my end, plus tough emotional processing. The social media factor and the #CitizenGulf fact-finding trip CitizenEffect, a nonprofit that helps anyone online be a citizen philanthropist, formed the […]

Do You Really Need 500 Friends on That Social Network? Is It Time to Unfriend Some People?

I was talking to one of the Cat Herders (Project Manager) at Matrix Group today.  She said she was trimming her Facebook friend list and unfriending some people.  Unfriending.  It sounds so… ummmm… unfriendly. Facebook says that the average user has 130 friends but I know people who have hundreds, even thousands of friends.  500 […]

My Favorite Twitter Applications

Twitter was super smart when they created their API and encouraged developers all over the world to come on in, use their API and develop their own applications using Twitter data.  But wait, what’s an API, you say? API stands for Application Program Interface.  Wikipedia defines an API as “an interface that a software programs […]

Integrating Traditional Marketing with Social Media

I had the pleasure of being part of a panel at today’s Grow Smart Biz conference, sponsored by Network Solutions.  Our topic was “Integrating Traditional Marketing with Social Media.”  Despite being the last panel of the day (we started around 4:20pm), I estimated that over 80% of the conference attendees attended the panel.  And by […]

Netiquette for The Boss While on Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Networks

I was on LinkedIn yesterday and the LinkedIn search engine helpfully recommended a couple of people for me to add to my network.  The list included a couple of people who currently work at Matrix Group.  While it’s every CEO’s dream to have a large network, I did not invite the staff to get linked […]